Family Home Evening Helps: Family Time Wheel

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“Family Home Evening Helps: Family Time Wheel,” Ensign, Aug. 2006, 71

Family Home Evening Helps:

Family Time Wheel

To better include our two young children in our nightly family prayers and scripture study, we made a wheel-shaped chart during one family home evening. Using cardstock, we cut a circle and outlined four equal, pie-shaped sections—one for each member of our family. We then attached a spinning paper arrow to the center of the wheel with a brad. Next we labeled each section with an activity we wanted to accomplish every night: prayer, scripture study, bedtime story, and love. Whoever spins and lands on “love” gets to tell each family member one thing he or she loves about them. This simple nightly routine has enhanced our family’s communication and unity. Now when it’s time for nightly scripture study, my children race to our chart on the refrigerator to see what their part is during this special time of night.
Stephanie Johnson, Utah

Illustrated by Beth Whittaker