Making the Most of This Issue
August 2006

“Making the Most of This Issue,” Ensign, Aug. 2006, 80

Making the Most of This Issue

August 2006

Dealing with Adversity

Adversity, the Great Teacher

“I was born with birth defects in my feet and have struggled with them all my life,” writes Elder Monte J. Brough of the Seventy. “There were times I thought my feet hindered my efforts as a missionary. Yet the Lord used that very challenge to lead me to someone who was searching for the truth.” To read more about how adversity can be a blessing, see page 9.


When the author learns that her husband is addicted to pornography, she experiences feelings of “soul sickness, betrayal, and spiritual agony,” but she also learns there are specific things she can do to help him. See page 20.

Giving Your Heart to God

When Samuel is born premature, his mother ponders the Old Testament lesson of another Samuel’s mother, Hannah, who gave her son to God. See page 62.

Serving Despite Disabilities

Despite communication challenges, Church members who are deaf enrich the lives of those around them. See page 56.

Spiritual Basic Training

Have you ever taken the gospel for granted? One apathetic young man learned an eternal lesson during the darkest days of his life. See page 54.

Resisting Evil

Satan seems to be working overtime. Need some help resisting his strategies? Elder Robert F. Orton of the Seventy discusses five key teachings from the Book of Mormon that help fortify followers of Christ against evil. See page 24.

The Holy Ghost

The Baptism of Fire

“You might as well baptize a bag of sand as a man,” said the Prophet Joseph Smith, “if not done in view of the remission of sins and getting of the Holy Ghost.” Read President Boyd K. Packer’s address to mission presidents about the “baptism of fire” on page 46.

The Meanest Junkyard-Dog-of-a-Kite

When a mother didn’t have money to buy her son a kite, she turned to Someone who could teach her how to make one. See page 32.

Two Ways to Serve

Called to Serve

We don’t nominate ourselves to serve in positions in the Church, but a few principles can help us magnify callings when they come. See page 12.

Volunteering to Serve

The inspiration to volunteer and bless lives takes many shapes. Liz Shropshire found that her circumstances and talents were ideal for blessing young people in war-damaged countries. See her story on page 16.

Seventh International Art Competition

To see this sampling of gospel art from around the world, turn to page 40.

Financial Freedom

Struggling with money matters? These 10 tips for good financial management can help you set your financial house in order and give you peace of mind. See page 27.

Family History

The Great Irony

A young, overwhelmed mother prayed for blessings for her family. The answer was one she never expected. How could she find time to do family history? To read about the miracle that followed her faith, see page 34.

The Lost Reservation

A lost hotel reservation turns into a blessing for generations of waiting spirits. See page 39.

Home Teachers, Visiting Teachers

Find the monthly messages on pages 2 and 61.