Five Tips for Singles
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“Five Tips for Singles,” Ensign, Dec. 2005, 60

Five Tips for Singles

Being single in a family-oriented church may seem awkward at times. Yet I have learned that the following principles can help singles like me keep their lives running smoothly while feeling happy and fulfilled in the process.

  1. Take care of your health. Your health is a primary source of your strength and independence. Take preventive measures: eat right, get enough sleep, and exercise. When you get sick, quickly take the steps needed to recover.

  2. Know that you have purpose. We prepared to come to earth at this time and at this place. If God believes there is reason to have me here, I can believe that too. There must be good work that I can do, work that might not get done if I don’t do it.

  3. Keep your home clean. Without a spouse, you may not always feel motivated to clean up after yourself. When I keep my home tidy, I feel a warm and welcoming spirit there, and I am always ready for visitors.

  4. Be thankful. When you count your blessings, you recognize how much the Lord is involved in your life. Once I offered a prayer about all my “don’t have” worries: “All my children have grown up and moved away,” “I have to watch every penny,” “I don’t have a companion.” I received an impression that my children are where they are supposed to be and that they love me. I also realized that I have what I need materially and that God can help me find joy in this life regardless of my marital status. Keep the goodness of your life before you always by keeping memories in your photo album, in your journal, and on your walls.

  5. Communicate daily with Heavenly Father. I can always pray to Heavenly Father and feel the peace of the Holy Ghost. I have also found that the more I connect with Heavenly Father, the better I am able to connect with those around me.

Kayleen Silver, Tabiona Ward, Duchesne Utah Stake