Conference Calendar Gifts
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“Conference Calendar Gifts,” Ensign, Dec. 2005, 61

Conference Calendar Gifts

A general conference quote a day—that’s what we needed to internalize the Brethren’s important messages. Also, since Christmas was coming, we decided to fill both spiritual and temporal needs by preparing inexpensive conference calendar gifts. After reviewing the most recent conference talks, we selected several inspiring quotations—enough for a daily dose from January 1 to early April, when the next conference would occur. My husband then created a simple template on the computer, dividing a page into fourths. Using online transcripts from the Church’s Web site www.lds.org, we copied and pasted each chosen quotation onto a template section. (Of course, we could have also handwritten the quotations.) After adding a date above each one and adjusting the fonts as needed, we simply printed the pages, copied them, cut them into quarters, and punched two holes in the top of each. After collating the calendar pages, we used large brads or twine for binding. With a magnet attached to the back of the stack, each calendar can hang on a refrigerator, where the quotations are easy to see every day.

The calendars have been such a success that we continue to make them after many conferences. The best part is that my husband and I learn the talks better than we ever did before, and our gift recipients say they love waking up to a new conference quote and thinking about it all day.

Heidi Macdonald, O’Fallon Ward, O’Fallon Illinois Stake