New Temple Presidents Prepare for Assignments
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“New Temple Presidents Prepare for Assignments,” Ensign, Dec. 2005, 70

New Temple Presidents Prepare for Assignments

Thirty-five new temple presidents and their wives attended the annual temple president training in Salt Lake City on October 18 in preparation for their new assignments. The following presidents and matrons have been assigned.

Adelaide Australia

Charles and Anne L. Parsons

Apia Samoa

Suau‘upaia and Talaloa M. Pe‘a

Asunción Paraguay

Richard R. and Jeannine George

Baton Rouge Louisiana

V. Kenneth and Betty G. Dutile

Bern Switzerland

Wayne M. and Connie A. Hancock

Billings Montana

Robert M. and Estella W. Wilkes

Bismarck North Dakota

Robert L. and Bonnie B. Holyoak

Bogotá Colombia

Lawrence T., Jr. and Eileen M. Dahl

Boise Idaho

Harold G. and Carol R. Hillam

Buenos Aires Argentina

Ángel J. and Edith Leonor Sulé

Campinas Brazil

Adhemar and Walkyria B. Damiani

Columbia South Carolina

Alvie R. and Ruth G. Evans

Freiberg Germany

Manfred H. and Helga D. Schütze

Guayaquil Ecuador

Robert B. and Marian F. Marriott

Idaho Falls Idaho

John H. and Jean S. Groberg

Jordan River Utah

Robert L. and Janet W. Backman

Kona Hawaii

Earl E. and Audrey L. Veloria

Logan Utah

Dennis E. and Carolyn T. Simmons

Madrid Spain

F. Burton and Caroline H. Howard

Mexico City Mexico

Ned B. and Jo Ann S. Roueché

Mount Timpanogos Utah

Lawrence S. and Carole W. Clark

Newport Beach California

Stephen B. and Dixie Oveson

Oakland California

Darwin B. and Sandra L. Christenson

Ogden Utah

Gordon T. and Connie W. Watts

Oklahoma City Oklahoma

H. Aldridge and Virginia L. Gillespie

Salt Lake

M. Richard and Kathleen H. Walker

San Antonio Texas

A. Ray and Sonya S. Otte

San Diego California

David E. and Verla A. Sorensen

Snowflake Arizona

Larry B. and LaDawn Brewer

Suva Fiji

Richard W. and Helen B. Wells

Sydney Australia

Frank H. and Maxine J. Hewstone

The Hague Netherlands

Marcus and Cornelia J. Reijnders

Toronto Ontario

Harold F. and Maureen G. Walker

Vernal Utah

Norman G. and Lou Ann M. Angus

Washington D.C.

F. Melvin and Bonnie S. Hammond