Résumés That Work

“Résumés That Work,” Ensign, June 2005, 68–69

Résumés That Work

In today’s competitive job market, you need a sharp résumé to make a good first impression. As the human resource director of a power-supply business, I review many résumés, the bulk of which are not prepared carefully. To represent yourself as a professional, consider what makes a résumé work:

  • Be truthful and accurate in stating your education and job experience.

  • Research the possible employment opportunities available and tailor your résumé to highlight applicable skills and experience.

  • List related skills through volunteer and Church-service work. This information can be especially helpful if you have a limited job history. For instance, full-time homemakers can highlight skills acquired through managing a home and family or volunteering outside the home.

  • Proofread with meticulous care. Let others read it and offer suggestions.

  • Use high-quality paper and dark, readable type if you’re submitting your résumé in person or by mail. If applying online, make sure the file is easily accessible.

R. Larry Choate, Big Thompson Ward, Loveland Colorado Stake