New DVDs Cater to Home and Family

“New DVDs Cater to Home and Family,” Ensign, June 2005, 78–79

New DVDs Cater to Home and Family

In an effort to provide families greater access to Church videos for use in the home, in personal study, and in home evening groups, the Church has created the new Home and Family Collection of DVDs.

The first installments of the Home and Family Collection, which is a compilation of previously released films and programs that were originally found only on VHS, are currently available for purchase.

The first three DVDs are To This End Was I Born (the full-length version of The Lamb of God), Book of Mormon Stories, and The Mountain of the Lord.

To This End Was I Born tells the story of the last hours of the Savior’s life on earth, His visit to the spirit world, and His Resurrection. While the other Home and Family Collection DVDs are currently available only in English, To This End Was I Born is available in 18 languages, including American Sign Language. Because of DVD technology, all languages are available on one disc.

The Book of Mormon Stories DVD provides still pictures and text from Book of Mormon Stories, a simple, illustrated version of the Book of Mormon designed for children. The four-hour DVD is designed to supplement family home evening and Church lessons.

The Mountain of the Lord, a film that recalls the history of the construction of the Salt Lake Temple, is available in English and ASL. The DVD includes a bonus feature: black-and-white photographs taken when the temple was under construction.

Church History, the fourth installment in the collection, is scheduled to be released shortly. This three-disc set contains 27 feature videos on the history of the Church.

Although not a part of the Home and Family Collection, the Church has also made Legacy available on DVD, a film about the travails of the early Saints who were driven westward. Legacy is available in English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Samoan, Spanish, and Tongan.

The DVDs are available at distribution centers or may be ordered online at www.ldscatalog.com.