“Comment,” Ensign, June 2005, 79


“A Balanced Life”

Thank you so much for “A Balanced Life” by Brent L. Top in the April 2005 issue. I read it with grateful tears. His article was refreshing and uplifting. It came as a beautiful answer to desperate prayers. I am immensely grateful for the help and hope it brought me.
Valerie Stephens, Brigham City 16th Ward, Brigham City Utah South Stake

Adoption Blessings

I just finished reading the Comment section of the March Ensign. I would like to reply to the mother who put her baby up for adoption three years ago. I hope the Lord blesses you abundantly for making such a wise and loving choice. I want to thank you in the way I know your daughter will thank you when she is my age. I was adopted through LDS Family Services nearly 24 years ago. Every day I wish I could thank my birth mother for the great sacrifice she made. My adoptive parents waited seven years for me. They are wonderful parents. Because of their great love for me, I have grown to understand Heavenly Father’s great love for me.

Nine months ago they joined me in the temple as I was sealed to my husband. If it were not for my birth mother’s wise choice, my parents would not have had the chance to experience such joy in their posterity in this life. I hope, wherever she is, that she knows through the Comforter that she made the correct choice, that I am happy, and that I love her dearly for what she has gone through for me.
Suzanne Fei, Market Street Branch, Beaverton Oregon Stake

Single Sisters

I am a single senior sister serving a proselyting mission in England. My companions and I have become a bit puzzled over the fact that whenever the Ensign publishes articles about senior missionaries, all references to such are of senior couples—never any mention of single sisters who go away from their families, out into unfamiliar places, most having recently lost a spouse. I don’t know how many senior sisters actually do proselyting missions, but for me it is truly a wonderful experience. Other senior sisters serve temple or family history missions; their work is of great value to those they serve. Thank you for a wonderful publication. I look forward to reading it every month.
Sister T. Fernstrom, England London South Mission

Grateful for Newel Whitney

Thank you for the article about Newel K. Whitney in the April 2005 Ensign. In 2003 I reached the point in my life where I believed that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was true. I prayed to God to show me somehow that the Church was true. While I was visiting Newel Whitney’s store, the Holy Ghost came upon me for the first time in my life and confirmed to me that the Church is true. I am extremely grateful for Newel K. Whitney.
Ken Sisler, Newmarket Ward, Brampton Ontario Stake