What Do You Know about Mom?
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“What Do You Know about Mom?” Ensign, Apr. 2005, 72–73

What Do You Know about Mom?

Where was Mom born? What’s her favorite food? Could your children correctly answer these questions about you?

A few years ago, I discovered that mine didn’t know as much about me as I had assumed. For a family home evening lesson before Mother’s Day, I prepared a short, multiple-choice quiz about my background as well as likes and dislikes. Though my children enjoyed learning more about me, I was surprised at how many things I thought I had told them but they couldn’t recall.

Though I didn’t initially expect to learn much from a quiz about me, perhaps I learned the most poignant lesson—it’s important to share my life stories with my children now, not someday.

Since this experience, I have tried to tell my children more about myself and other family members, and I am writing my personal history.

Try preparing a similar quiz to spotlight your parents, your husband for Father’s Day, or any family member at any time. It’s a fun, simple way to help prevent your life history from becoming forgotten history.

Michelle H. Thompson, Smithfield 13th Ward, Smithfield Utah Stake

Illustrated by Joe Flores