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“Comment,” Ensign, Apr. 2005, 79


“Jennifer Adventures”

I was touched when I read the article “Jennifer Adventures” in the February 2005 issue.

At age four and a half, my son was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Although I was devastated at the news, I was also relieved to know that his odd behavior was not just a result of my lack of skills as a parent. Since his diagnosis, he has made incredible improvements through therapy.

I encourage parents who have an unusually difficult child to discuss their concerns with a knowledgeable health care provider. Sometimes it takes more than just better parenting skills to get at the root of undesirable behavior in a child.
Rebekah Johnson, Marston Lake Ward, Littleton Colorado Stake

Thank you for the article “Jennifer Adventures.” It spoke directly to my heart. I tested the theory and made time to play with my children today. The change in our home was miraculous. My children were more kind and obedient and definitely more happy. The change in my attitude was phenomenal. This article helped me at a time when I needed it most. I am grateful to have this inspired magazine in my home.
Tami Piper, Morgan Hill Second Ward, Morgan Hill California Stake


I appreciate the article in the January 2005 Ensign about addiction. As parents of a son who is addicted to drugs, we have gone through much pain and sorrow. As teachers of institute at the local jail, we have also seen many members come to our class. We sense a real feeling among Latter-day Saints that this is not a problem in the Church.
We all need to understand that these people are still children of God and need the same love and attention as those who hold temple recommends. We all need to take a more proactive stance to help those in need and understand that it often takes a lifetime to overcome addictions. The article and the 12-step program the Church supports are a very good beginning to help addicts understand and overcome these problems. Local Church leaders can also be a source of support to families.
Name Withheld