Family Home Evening Helps: Dear Missionary
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“Family Home Evening Helps: Dear Missionary,” Ensign, Apr. 2005, 73

Family Home Evening Helps: Dear Missionary

Our family spent a recent home evening writing to our missionary son. We wanted everyone to have the chance to give personal, creative advice about circumstances a missionary might experience.

We first created a list of potential challenges: transfers, new companions, illness, unfriendly encounters, bad weather, dog bites, and others. Each family member then chose one of these topics and wrote suggestions for the particular situation. When we completed our letters, we shared our responses with each other before sending the packet of letters to our son. The responses were unique and interesting to review—we especially enjoyed the advice given by our four-year-old daughter, who drew pictures and had Mom add captions.

Not only were we able to support our son during this family project, but we also learned about the views and experiences of our other children and shared insights about missionary service.

Kelly D. Shepherd, Lewisville First Ward, Lewisville Texas Stake

Illustrated by Beth Whittaker