Family Home Evening Helps: Taking Note of Conference

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“Family Home Evening Helps: Taking Note of Conference,” Ensign, Mar. 2005, 73

Family Home Evening Helps: Taking Note of Conference

“Each of us should be a little better for this rich experience,” counseled President Gordon B. Hinckley during his April 2002 concluding conference address. “Otherwise, our gathering has been largely in vain” (“We Look to Christ,” Ensign, May 2002, 90). Moved by his words, my husband and I decided our family could do better by incorporating conference messages into our home evening lessons. With a simple plan in mind, we asked each family member to take notes during conference and circle any topics they wanted to work on. Then we created a family home evening schedule based on those topics. Since our notes indicated which talks the topics came from, we had a built-in conference talk reference list.

Following the prophet’s counsel has blessed our family as we have worked together to improve ourselves, our relationships with others, and our relationship with Heavenly Father.

Leah Jennifer Heise, Shaker Heights Ward, Kirtland Ohio Stake

Illustrated by Beth Whittaker