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“In the News,” Ensign, Mar. 2005, 78–79

In the News

Wisconsin Family Honored for Hard Work

While making dinner or planning a vacation are the extent of some families’ projects, the Shelleys of the Kettle Moraine Ward, Milwaukee Wisconsin South Stake, have tackled something a little more complex. Their work has led to national honors for the family.

Sister Joan Shelley was named the 2004 National Association of Women Business Owners Entreprenurial Woman of the Year. In addition, Brother and Sister Shelley attended a holiday party at the White House late last year after receiving an invitation from U.S. President George W. Bush.

Five years ago, Joan and Emery Shelley decided to begin an Internet business, selling cabinet hardware and bathroom accessories. The company, which is headquartered in the family’s basement, now employs 20 people, including all eight of the couple’s children.

Sister Shelley, who spearheads the business as Brother Shelley continues to work full time outside the home, said there are two reasons she began the business: “Number one, so I could stay at home and number two, so I could teach my kids how to work.”

Thanks to hard work, the Shelleys have been able to see the temporal and spiritual blessings of being able to work together as a family. “It’s a wonderful opportunity because it’s a fun thing to do together,” Sister Shelley said.

In addition to helping promote family unity, the business has also grown from an Internet operation to include two stores in the Milwaukee area.

Church Announces Dates for New Temple

The First Presidency has announced the open house and dedication dates for the new San Antonio Texas Temple. The public open house will be held April 16–May 2, 2005. Following a cultural celebration on Saturday, May 21, the temple will be dedicated in four sessions on May 22. The temple will open for ordinance work the next day. The temple was announced on June 24, 2001.

Arizona Saints Make a Difference

While some paid little attention to the recent Make a Difference Day, members of the Casa Grande Arizona Stake took the challenge and truly made a difference in the lives of those served by Against Abuse, an organization that helps victims of domestic violence.

Members planted trees, erected gazebos, donated quilts, and decorated Against Abuse’s main shelter with rugs, curtains, pictures, and plants.

Marilyn Cooper, a member of the Casa Grande Third Ward, helped organize the project. “I thought it was interesting that the ladies who are here in the shelter came up and thanked us and told us how pretty it looked,” Sister Cooper said. “That touched me deeply.”