President Hinckley Shares Wit, Wisdom with International Audience

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“President Hinckley Shares Wit, Wisdom with International Audience,” Ensign, Mar. 2005, 74

President Hinckley Shares Wit, Wisdom with International Audience

President Gordon B. Hinckley shared his wit and wisdom with thousands of viewers and talk show host Larry King on the cable television show Larry King Live during an interview taped at the Conference Center in December 2004.

President Hinckley, making his fourth appearance on the show since 1998, focused many of his comments on the importance of the family in society.

“When all is said and done, the greatest satisfaction you will have in this life as you grow old will be seeing your children grow in righteousness and faith and goodness as citizens of the society of which they are a part,” President Hinckley said.

In addition to addressing issues pertinent to the spiritual safety of families, President Hinckley answered questions about politics and the war in Iraq.

“We believe in peace,” President Hinckley said. “We work for peace. We pray for peace. But we are all citizens of the nation, and we meet our responsibility as that responsibility is defined by our leadership.”

Before the interview President Hinckley presented King with a binder containing the host’s family history, including genealogy and other historic and legal documents that help tell the story of King’s family.

“I have received some enormous gifts through my life,” King said. “But this I will treasure more than any other.”

Despite addressing some sobering topics, President Hinckley remained optimistic throughout the interview, and his sense of humor was evident. Asked about his mental spryness, President Hinckley pointed first to his head and said, “This end of me seems to work all right,” then to his legs, “but this end does not.”

Speaking of the law of tithing, President Hinckley said, “It’s the Lord’s law. He set it forth in about that many words [holding his thumb and forefinger close to one another]. You contrast that with the Internal Revenue Code. Note the difference.”

President Hinckley also commented on how he has faced the hardships that came with the passing of his wife, Sister Marjorie Pay Hinckley. “You never get over it. Of course you don’t,” President Hinckley said. “But the best thing you can do is just keep busy. Keep working hard so you’re not dwelling on it all the time. Work is the best antidote for sorrow.”

After King told President Hinckley it was good to know the prophet has been so richly blessed after having a “little rascal” in him as a freckled-faced kid, President Hinckley expressed his gratitude for the blessings he has received.

“I’ve been blessed so abundantly that I can never get over it,” President Hinckley said. “I just feel so richly blessed that I want to extend that to others wherever I can.”

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President Gordon B. Hinckley visits with interviewer Larry King on CNN, an international news network.