Family Home Evening Helps: A Hymn and a Scripture

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“Family Home Evening Helps: A Hymn and a Scripture,” Ensign, Sept. 2004, 73

Family Home Evening Helps: A Hymn and a Scripture

My husband and I noticed that during sacrament meeting our children were not singing the hymns with much enthusiasm. We decided they might not be singing them because they did not know them well. A simple solution came to mind. Why not select hymns and accompanying scriptures to use for family home evening and before morning and evening prayers?

Using a simple assignment chart, we rotate the song and scripture selections among family members. We each have a turn to choose what we feel will best strengthen our family. We then introduce the upcoming week’s scripture and hymn at family home evening and subsequently post the scripture in a prominent place. Before morning and evening prayers, we sing the hymn and recite the scripture. By the next family home evening, we usually have both memorized and reward those who do with a small treat. Every few months, we also play a simple review game.

I love to hear my four-year-old sing “Redeemer of Israel” as he plays around the house and to hear all five of my children recite the scriptures by heart. We hope that as our children grow up and encounter difficult situations, they will draw upon the beautiful messages found in our hymns and scriptures.

Valerie Smith, Centerville Ward, Dayton Ohio Stake

Illustrated by Beth Whittaker