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“Comment,” Ensign, Sept. 2004, 79


Conference Photos

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the photos in the May Ensign. Nearly every photograph is a mini-sermon. They are a delight.
Elsie Thackeray, Etna Ward, Medford Oregon Stake

Seeing beyond Single

I would like to thank the author of “Seeing beyond Single” (June 2004) for his words. It was wonderful to hear his perspective and to know that I am not alone! Thank you.
Jill Hunter, Wasatch Second Ward, Salt Lake Wasatch Stake

Kudos to Chris Brough. His article “Seeing beyond Single” is the best article about single members I have ever read in the Ensign. Every point he made was right on the nose. I hope many bishops and others who work with singles will refer to it often. Thank you for printing this article.
Jill Laing, Madison Ward, Phoenix Arizona East Stake

Many Hands

First I noticed the Savior’s hand on page 61 of the June 2004 Ensign in the Visiting Teaching Message. Then throughout the Ensign I found other hands on almost every page. I found loving hands, missionary hands, working hands, helping hands, reverent hands, teaching hands, prophets’ hands, friendly hands, humble hands, clean hands, tired hands, and worried hands. We are truly instruments in the hand of the Lord.
Cheryl G. Brown, Payson First Ward, Payson Utah Mountain View Stake