Bonding with Baby

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“Bonding with Baby,” Ensign, Sept. 2004, 72–73

Bonding with Baby

When I had my first baby, I quickly realized that breast-feeding can consume a great deal of time—sometimes 20 minutes or more every two hours for a newborn. Since I am an avid reader, I thought I would use this time to read six volumes of Church history. I reasoned that Heavenly Father would be pleased with my seemingly wise use of time. However, one day I read a booklet that changed my outlook. Prepared for adoptive parents, it explained how they could bond with their new infants. Though babies do not understand speech, the booklet pointed out, they respond to such stimuli as touch, eye contact, and sound. Because eating is so pleasurable for them, a mother can effectively communicate her love while feeding. I realized that I might use some of this time caressing my baby’s hair, stroking little arms and hands, or singing softly. Babies don’t always stay awake during their feedings. But I learned that when they do, it’s important to use this precious time with my child to communicate love.

Penny D. Brown, Cottonwood 13th Ward, Salt Lake Cottonwood Stake