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“Comment,” Ensign, Aug. 2004, 79


I got my copy of the Ensign here in prison last week and I read President Gordon B. Hinckley’s conference address “‘I Was an Hungred, and Ye Gave Me Meat’” (May 2004, 58–61). Obviously, I’m presently sensitive to the portion of Matthew 25 that refers to being in prison and, further, to being “the least of these.”

I don’t know the number of those with callings to minister to those of us in prison, but I know each handshake, each word of encouragement, and each tear that is shed with me. I am touched that they come faithfully, even on Christmas Day, to teach and love us. They pray for and with us, witness to us of our worth, put our names on the temple prayer rolls, and give us priesthood blessings. They are here when our own parents and siblings have disowned us. They encourage my husband and children. They serve beyond the call of duty.

There are others who are not “called,” but who take this love seriously: the teachers and coaches who bless my kids, a few diligent ward members, my in-laws, many friends, and the priceless stand-in “moms” who show by their actions to my family what the gospel is.

I can personally testify that the Church both teaches and organizes the service President Hinckley’s address outlines. I haven’t the capacity to express my gratitude. I am “the least of these.”
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