Making the Most of This Issue

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“Making the Most of This Issue,” Ensign, Aug. 2004, 80

Making the Most of This Issue

August 2004

The Challenge of Forgiving

Wait—it was someone else who hurt you, who damaged your good name, who misused you! So how are you on trial? Why is the commandment to forgive so vital to happiness? See “Forgiveness: Our Challenge and Our Blessing,” page 44.

The Focus Point of Sacrament Meeting

“Bishoprics and branch presidencies need to plan sacrament meetings thoughtfully in order to keep the meetings focused on the Lord and His Atonement, His example, and the doctrines of the gospel,” Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles teaches. For counsel and guidelines on planning sacrament meetings, see “Worshiping at Sacrament Meeting,” page 24.

Is Your Child Truly Depressed?

It is normal for children and teenagers to experience episodes of sadness and discouragement, but when do such feelings qualify as clinical depression? As a parent, what can you do to help your child? See “When Your Child Is Depressed,” page 52.

Just a Little STRESSED?

You can walk, bike, or swim to find relief from everyday stress, giving your mind, body, and spirit welcome relief. See “Move More, Stress Less,” page 58.

The Next Step: Relief Society

Moving into Relief Society is a big step for young women; for some, it may be intimidating. But you can help ease their way and make them feel at home. See “Welcome to Relief Society” on page 14 for some ideas. You may also want to refer young women to “Your Next Step” on page 10 of this month’s New Era for help in making that step into Relief Society.

Home Teachers, Visiting Teachers

Find the monthly messages on page 2 and page 67.

Scenes from the Book of Mormon

Do you need an illustration for a lesson on the Book of Mormon? You may find just what you’re looking for in the works of Latter-day Saint artists depicted on pages 38–41.

One-Stop Family Help

Are you looking for help with family home evening? Information on one of your ancestors? Facts about food storage? A way to purchase gospel teaching materials that are not available in your area? You can find all of these things in one place: www.lds.org. On the Church’s Web site, you can find family home evening lessons and activity materials (click on Home and Family), information on your ancestors and family history research (click on Family History), food storage tips (Provident Living), and materials you can use in teaching or in personal study, from books and pamphlets to audio recordings and videos (Order Church Materials). The Web site is a portal to this and much more that is designed to strengthen members and families. Try it. You may be surprised and delighted by what you find at www.lds.org.