Scripture Study with Children
February 2004

“Scripture Study with Children,” Ensign, Feb. 2004, 71

Scripture Study with Children

I remember how much my interest in studying the scriptures grew when I began marking them as a teenager. Wanting my elementary-age children to experience this excitement, I introduced a marking system that is simple enough for children yet meaningful for adults.

Red: Like a stop sign, this color reminds us what we should not do.

Green: A signal to “go,” green indicates what we should do.

Blue: We use blue to highlight the blessings we are promised if we obey.

Now when we read the scriptures together, the children, each with his or her own book, pay a little more attention when I remind them to get their pencils ready. They enjoy looking for scriptures they can color, and all of us are turning our scriptures into personal guidebooks.

Marianne Olson, Garden Grove Sixth Ward, Garden Grove California Stake

Illustrated by Joe Flores