Out of a Job?
February 2004

“Out of a Job?” Ensign, Feb. 2004, 73

Out of a Job?

A few years ago, my husband lost his job unexpectedly. To compete with other qualified applicants during a weak economy, we had to be very proactive in our search. Losing a job is never easy, but after fasting, praying, and continuing to pay a full tithe, we gradually learned some key points for surviving financially and finding employment:

File for unemployment benefits. Everyone’s situation is different. Therefore, it’s helpful to prioritize according to your needs. In the United States, it takes time to start receiving benefits. Contact your local unemployment office immediately to discuss your options.

Begin your job search immediately. Use as many sources as you can. Visit employment, recruiting, and temporary work agencies. Consult your ward or branch employment specialist, phone books, Internet sites, classified ads, and anyone you know who might be aware of job openings in your field.

Continue searching. Even if an interview goes well, continue to look for other opportunities. Being proactive will help you to avoid discouragement if the job is offered to someone else, and you won’t lose valuable job-search time.

Follow up. Until the job has been filled, potential employers often appreciate knowing if you are still interested.

Research health insurance options. In some situations, your health insurance may not be affected, but if it is through a private company, it may be discontinued. If you still have health insurance, take care of any medical or dental needs quickly. To ensure continuous coverage for your family, discuss your options with an insurance agent, a professional organization, or your school, if you are a student.

Be open-minded. You may need to accept a job that is not exactly what you hoped for or that requires relocating. Continuing to be optimistic will help you view the change as a new opportunity to enhance your career and to help your family grow.

As you search for a new job, stay busy, and try to maintain balance in your life. With persistence and the help of family and friends, you can do your part to successfully find new employment.

Rebecca B. Davis, Everett Fourth Ward, Everett Washington Stake

Illustrated by Joe Flores