February 2004

“Comment,” Ensign, Feb. 2004, 79


A Worldwide Church

“Tips for Preparing Your Missionary” in the October 2003 Ensign (page 72) was addressed primarily to teenager preparation. The article made me feel humble. I had heard the seven points presented before in various ways, but what touched my heart was that I expected the article to have been written by someone in Utah or Idaho, when in fact it was written by someone in Nigeria. I have read articles about the Church’s activities around the world, but this article brought it home to me: The gospel is true no matter where we live.
Gary M. Warden, Oak Harbor Third Ward, Mount Vernon Washington Stake

The Reason for the Season

I subscribe to two other magazines besides the Ensign, and I enjoyed reading their December articles about how to decorate for the holidays, fun Christmas recipes, great gift ideas, and Christmas crafts. When I opened this month’s Ensign, however, every article reminded me of what the meaning and focus of this season really should be. Not only is Jesus “the reason for the season,” as the popular saying goes, He is simply the Reason—the reason we are here, can live happily, and be together as families forever. Thank you for reminding me this month and every month.
Laurie Wirz, Sand Creek Ward, Colorado Springs Colorado East Stake

Becoming a Full-Time Mom

Sister Randalls speaks from the heart (see “Mom, Are You There?” Ensign, October 2003, 68). This is one of the best articles I have seen written by a Church member. It spoke volumes to my heart, and I am yielding to the enticements of the Spirit to gradually work toward becoming a full-time mom. Learning that my teenagers and unmarried children need me now as much as they did when they were small has been one of the most significant and unexpected lessons I’ve discovered in my journey as a mother.
Luci Olsen, Young Ward, Mendon Utah Stake