Forefather’s Day
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“Forefather’s Day,” Ensign, June 2003, 73

Forefather’s Day

When I learned that my son and daughter-in-law were coming to dinner with their four children to celebrate Father’s Day with me, I reflected sadly that they had not known my father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, who were now deceased. They were good men who had been wonderful examples of faith and character. “All we have left are their pictures,” I mused. Then an idea flashed to mind. “Pictures—that’s it!” I took framed pictures of my father and grandfathers off the walls and gathered all the pictures I could find in the photo albums. Then, on the dining room table, I created a display of the pictures and added a placard that read, “Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee” (Ex. 20:12).

When my grandchildren arrived for dinner, I was happy to see that even at their young ages, they were interested in their ancestors. I told them who each one was, where he had been born, and whatever I knew about him. The afternoon brought a wonderful feeling as we honored our fathers and grandfathers on their special day.

Ann Blackshear Alldredge, Panama City Ward, Panama City Florida Stake