How Could I Serve?
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“How Could I Serve?” Ensign, June 2003, 23

How Could I Serve?

After many years of not being active in the Church, I was blessed with a return of faith and testimony. Several months of study, soul searching, and spiritual healing brought me to a point where I was ready to reach out to others in love and service. But how?

My prayers focused on asking the Lord’s help in directing me to a service that I could enjoy and do enthusiastically. I pondered a great deal about my abilities, and I began doing some reading aloud, soon realizing that I enjoyed this activity very much.

One Sunday in church I was called upon to read some verses from the scriptures. After class the teacher complimented me on my reading ability and asked if I’d had training. A spiritual prompting confirmed to me that this was a talent I should develop and use to bless others.

I located a center for the blind at a nearby university, passed a reading test, and have been recording textbooks for blind students for several years. This is a most satisfying activity for me, and I’ve received many additional blessings besides the joy of serving those unable to read. I’ve met and enjoyed the companionship of these students; I’ve gained strength and vigor in my voice, which helps in public speaking, teaching, and singing; and, above all, I know that Heavenly Father is pleased with what I’m doing.

With thoughtful prayer and introspection we can find some area of service that will please others, ourselves, and our Father in Heaven. He will guide us to those paths if we earnestly seek His will.

  • Shirley Schardine is a member of the Hobble Creek 13th Ward, Hobble Creek Utah Stake.

Photography by John Luke; inset: Photography by Jerry Garns