Ordinance Index On-Line
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“Ordinance Index On-Line,” Ensign, Feb. 2003, 77

Ordinance Index On-Line

Ordinance information for deceased individuals is available for the first time on-line at www.familysearch.org. This database contains a record of all completed temple ordinance work for deceased individuals. Members can access this database to verify if temple ordinance work has been done for deceased individuals before submitting names to the temple. This verification will help reduce duplicate ordinance work.

Ordinance information is found in the International Genealogical Index (IGI) listing. To access ordinance information, members of the Church must register on the FamilySearch Web site and sign on. Click on “Sign On” in the upper right corner to do this. Members will need their membership record number and confirmation date for the registration process. Ward and branch clerks can provide this information. Once registered and signed on, search for an individual’s name. The ordinance information, if available, will appear with the name in the IGI listing. Members must be registered and signed on to the site for this information to appear, and the information will appear only in the IGI listing.

Millions of names recently have been added to the IGI, and it will be updated weekly to ensure members have current information about their ancestors.

Members who have access to the Internet at home or through their local family history center will be able to access the information. Family history centers without Internet access may contact the Family and Church History Department about being connected to the Internet after receiving authorization from local priesthood leaders.