Monticello Temple Rededicated
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“Monticello Temple Rededicated,” Ensign, Feb. 2003, 75

Monticello Temple Rededicated

A severe weather drought has afflicted much of southeastern Utah. But members there have also felt another drought while their temple was closed for renovation. On 17 November 2002 this drought ended when President Gordon B. Hinckley rededicated the Monticello Utah Temple.

“It was a pretty good end to a seven-month drought,” says Obid Hamblin, Moab Utah Stake patriarch, speaking of the dedicatory services. “It’s been a hard seven months without our temple.”

The expanded and remodeled temple was rededicated in one session by President Hinckley, who presided over the first dedication in July 1998. The Monticello temple was the first “small” temple to be completed. High temple attendance made expansion necessary in a relatively short time.

“The patrons of the temple responded so wholeheartedly to having a temple here,” says Lisle G. Adams, president of the Monticello temple. “The facilities we had were just not adequate to take care of the work that was being done.”

With the renovation, the size of the temple increased from 7,000 square feet to 11,225 square feet. A second ordinance room and a second sealing room were added, and other facilities were expanded. The temple district includes 13,000 members in Utah and Colorado.

In the dedicatory prayer, President Hinckley asked for a blessing upon the temple and upon the Saints who attend it. And with the quenching of the seven-month temple drought, President Hinckley also pleaded for the end of the weather drought afflicting those living within this temple district.

“Open the windows of heaven and shower down blessings upon those of the communities which this temple serves. May rains come upon the thirsty land that there may be sufficient water. May their plantings be dedicated unto Thee, and may their harvests be garnered with thanksgiving.”

Saints gather outside the Monticello Utah Temple for its rededication. It was the first small temple to be built and was recently expanded. (Photograph by Greg Hill, Church News.)

President Gordon B. Hinckley greets a young man attending the Monticello Utah Temple rededication in November. (Photograph by Greg Hill, Church News.)