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“Comment,” Ensign, Feb. 2003, 79


Children of Divorce

I appreciate the article “Children of Divorce” by Elaine Walton in the August 2002 Ensign (page 36), as well as other articles that have appeared recognizing the existence of divorce among faithful members and offering practical and spiritual guidance for dealing with related issues.

I voice my hope that we will all refrain from making assumptions, stereotyping, and judging divorced individuals and their children. My child is a daughter of God—bright, loving, creative, and, among other things, the daughter of divorced parents. This is one of many things that is part of who she is and who she will become, but it is not the defining characteristic.

It would be naive to think my daughter is not affected by our divorce. However, I do not think this has to ruin her life. While we can empathize with our children and comfort them in their pain, we must also teach them how to deal with less-than-ideal situations in a constructive and prayerful manner so they can find peace and happiness even in the midst of trials in life.
Andrea Howard Durrant
Salt Lake City, Utah