Time for the Sabbath
July 2002

“Time for the Sabbath,” Ensign, July 2002, 64

Time for the Sabbath

As a busy young mother, I was running on empty. I had an energetic 13-month-old daughter, a home business, and a husband who was a student and worked two part-time jobs. We were also the resident managers of a storage facility. The spiritual reserves I relied on to carry me through my busy days didn’t seem to be deep enough. I just didn’t have enough in me to do all I needed to do.

After months of disorganized attempts to run my business and household, I finally turned to Heavenly Father in prayer, asking for His guidance in becoming better organized. The answer came, clear and simple: Keep the Sabbath day holy.

Although I felt I needed more time to spend on household duties, I obeyed the prompting and put aside my weekly projects for a day. I soon gained a testimony of the blessings of the Sabbath. As I kept the Sabbath day holy, I felt a new strength to do what was required of me during the other days of the week. Our home became more peaceful, and we were even blessed financially.

I learned that Heavenly Father knows what all of us go through on a day-to-day basis and that we can feel overwhelmed by the many demands on our time. He set apart one day for us to replenish our spiritual reserves by attending Church meetings, studying the scriptures, writing in our journals, visiting those in need of encouragement, and serving others in the manner in which He directs us. This day is not a punishment but a blessing that enriches our lives.

I began to view this commandment in the same light that I look at the commandment to pay a tithe: When I give my Sundays entirely and unselfishly to Heavenly Father, He blesses the efforts I make the six other days.

  • Beth Spencer Rice is a member of the Leeds Branch, Birmingham Alabama Stake.