Washington, D.C., Multifunction Center Dedicated
July 2002

“Washington, D.C., Multifunction Center Dedicated,” Ensign, July 2002, 78

Washington, D.C., Multifunction Center Dedicated

A four-story Church facility in a historic Washington, D.C., neighborhood opened its doors on 12 April. Tenants in the newly renovated building include the Public Affairs office for Washington, an institute of religion, a local branch, and Brigham Young University student interns who will live on the top two floors.

An open house attracted diplomats, White House officials, members of the United States Congress and federal judiciary, and neighboring residents. Elder Merrill J. Bateman, a member of the Seventy and BYU president, offered the dedicatory prayer following remarks from representatives of each Church department housed in the building. Each speaker commented on the unique combination of functions brought together under one roof, pointing out how the four groups involved will benefit from their associations. Elder Bateman expressed the hope, for example, that the BYU students will enroll in institute classes and spoke of the close cooperation between BYU and Church Public Affairs efforts.

The new facility hosts a Church Public Affairs office, an institute of religion, a local branch, and living quarters for interns from BYU. (Photo by Jon Stephenson.)