Making the Most of This Issue
July 2002

“Making the Most of This Issue,” Ensign, July 2002, 80

Making the Most of This Issue

July 2002

Building a Stronger Family

  • Do Sundays seem busy and hectic rather than rejuvenating and restful? Read “Time for the Sabbath,” and start a family discussion on how you can truly make the Sabbath a delight. See p. 64.

  • What would you do about the neighborhood boy who kept letting the air out of your tires? See what one couple learned about the value of patience, p. 62.

  • Uncle Reid jumped up and burst into a boisterous rendition of “Old Man River.” Who would have guessed this would be a way to communicate with Grandma? See p. 52.

  • It’s not just another Monday—it’s Magazine Monday! This and three other themed activities have helped one family hold regular home evenings. See p. 73.

  • How can you help your teens prepare financially for leaving home? One family shares seven helpful tips, p. 72.

Nauvoo Temple—Old and New

  • How did the “penny subscription” help raise funds for the original Nauvoo Temple? For a history of that building so dear to pioneer Latter-day Saints, see p. 8.

  • Curious about construction details of the new Nauvoo Illinois Temple? Stories and photos give you a look at the building, followed by comments from President Gordon B. Hinckley, pp. 14–25.

Divine Inspiration from the Nauvoo Era

Some of the most powerful words penned by the Prophet Joseph Smith came as he presided over Saints in the city of Nauvoo. Read one of his most remarkable letters, part of which has become scripture. How much of this letter have you already memorized? See p. 26.

Treasures of Wisdom and Faith

  • How’s your Old Testament reading progressing? If you’re in 1 Kings 2–19, you’ll enjoy broadening your understanding and application of gospel principles from the stories of King Solomon and the prophet Elijah. See pp. 40–45.

  • Since the Savior is our perfect example in all things, find out how you can use the Old Testament more effectively in your home by learning how the Master Teacher used it, p. 46.

Debt Got You Down?

Find out what some members did to follow Church leaders’ counsel to get out—and stay out—of debt, p. 66.

Eternal Marriage—Starting Today

What can you do today to help strengthen your marriage for eternity? For one-day-at-a-time ideas that have helped other members build enduring marriage relationships, see p. 36.

Responding to the Holy Ghost

The Holy Ghost has a “remarkable capacity to bless us,” yet we often don’t utilize this gift as we should, says Elder Neal A. Maxwell of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. How can we allow the Holy Ghost to operate more fully in our lives? See p. 56.

Home Teachers and Visiting Teachers

Find the monthly messages on p. 2 and p. 71.

Did You Know?

Occasionally you may see an article in the Ensign by “Name Withheld”—an author whose name is not disclosed. Allowing someone to tell a personal story without being identified—or identifying anyone else involved in the situation—makes it possible for an individual to share valuable spiritual lessons learned in the course of overcoming life’s challenges.