Morning Manna (Mosiah 7:19)
September 2001

“Morning Manna (Mosiah 7:19)” Ensign, Sept. 2001, 29

Morning Manna
(Mosiah 7:19)

Early I arise to seek my morning manna

Before the sun outlines the day’s temporal claims and

Melts my intent.

Precious sustenance has rained before my day from

Heaven and lies generously scattered in tissue wafers

Free for the gathering.

Laying open the sacred books, I sift the living words.

Silently I grind and beat and bake them into

Fragrant, warm cakes—

Color of bdellium, tasting of honey and fresh oil.

Gratefully I consume the day’s sweet ration

Offered to preserve

Me in my wilderness wanderings. Why should I weep

For the feasts of Egypt or mourn for the rich meats

Of Babylon?

I desire only this simple morning miracle

Of living bread. It will satisfy until I sit

And sup in Canaan.

Electronic composition by Mark G. Budd; background: Photo © Dynamic Graphics