PAF 5.0 Adds Many Languages
September 2001

“PAF 5.0 Adds Many Languages,” Ensign, Sept. 2001, 79

PAF 5.0 Adds Many Languages

The Church recently released version 5.0 of the Personal Ancestral File (PAF) computer software, offering family history researchers greater versatility in many languages.

Thanks to the software’s new features, users can now view screens and print reports in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Swedish, and German (as well as English); enter data in most languages of the world, including those that use Asiatic and Cyrillic characters; and download data to a Palm OS handheld computer.

“As far as we are aware, this is the first genealogy software that allows users to enter information in nearly any language and view screens and reports in six languages,” said Steve Cannon, product manager. “The Palm application will allow users to take their PAF data with them when doing family history research away from home.”

PAF 5.0 may be downloaded free of charge at www.familysearch.org. It may be purchased in CD-ROM form (item no. 77034, U.S. $6.00) from Church distribution centers. Optional PAF 5.0 Companion software (item no. 50128, U.S. $13.50), offers enhanced ways of charting pedigrees and stronger search capabilities.

Because PAF 5.0 has greater computer system requirements than previous releases, current PAF users who do not need the Palm application or the non-English applications may want to continue to use earlier versions.