September 2001

“Comment,” Ensign, Sept. 2001, 80


The Man Who Talked Straight

I so enjoyed the June 2001 Ensign, especially the article, “‘We Must Keep One Another,’” about President Brigham Young’s correspondence with Native American leaders. As a side note to the article, I wanted to tell you about my grandfather Amos Russell Wright, who baptized Chief Washakie in 1884.

Grandfather served several missions to the Wind River Reservation and carefully recorded the names of the 311 Shoshone Indians he baptized. These Native Americans called him Mose Peah Tibo, “the man who talked straight.” He, like President Young, was deeply committed to Native Americans.

Jo Ann Farnsworth
Montpelier, Idaho

Each and Every Month

I had to write and tell you how grateful I am for the Ensign magazine in my life. Never has any magazine on this earth helped me to gain a testimony of Jesus Christ and strengthen my faith in God the way the Ensign has. Each and every month more of my questions concerning the gospel are answered in a way to increase my understanding of the gospel, and I always feel the Spirit on every page.

Adrienne Sears-Logan
Salt Lake City, Utah