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“LDS Scene,” Ensign, Feb. 2001, 79

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Book of Mormon Linked to Site in Yemen

A group of Latter-day Saint researchers recently found evidence linking a site in Yemen, on the southwest corner of the Arabian peninsula, to a name associated with Lehi’s journey as recorded in the Book of Mormon.

Warren Aston, Lynn Hilton, and Gregory Witt located a stone altar that professional archaeologists dated to at least 700 B.C. This altar contains an inscription confirming “Nahom” as an actual place that existed in the peninsula before the time of Lehi. The Book of Mormon mentions that “Ishmael died, and was buried in the place which was called Nahom” (1 Ne. 16:34).

This is the first archaeological find that supports a Book of Mormon place-name other than Jerusalem or the Red Sea, says Brother Witt.

Ricks Cross-Country Wins National Championship

In November both the women’s and men’s cross-country teams of Ricks College won the National Junior College Athletic Association championship.

This was the sixth consecutive national title for the Ricks women. The team also produced the national individual champion, Kristen Ogden.

The men’s team scored their second consecutive title and also had the men’s national individual champion, Jeff Davidson.

The two team wins, combined with the two individual championships, mark the first time in NJCAA history that a college placed first in all four categories.

On this ancient altar is written the word Nahom. (Photo courtesy of Lehi’s Trail Foundation.)