New Drama Inaugurates Conference Center Theater

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“New Drama Inaugurates Conference Center Theater,” Ensign, Feb. 2001, 76

New Drama Inaugurates Conference Center Theater

A two-act musical drama, Savior of the World: His Birth and Resurrection, inaugurated the new Conference Center Theater from 28 November through 30 December.

Six Church members from throughout the United States were called to write and compose the production about Jesus Christ. The drama is the first of what is expected to be many cultural presentations to be performed in the new 900-seat theater.

The production focuses on the birth and resurrection of the Savior as told by those who knew Him, according to scriptural accounts. The drama includes testimonies of Jesus Christ by Old Testament, Book of Mormon, and Latter-day prophets, including Isaiah, Nephi, and Joseph Smith.

The cast of 65 included 10 families. The Orchestra at Temple Square provided orchestral accompaniment. A soundtrack is available on compact disc (item no. 50103, U.S. $8.75) from Church distribution centers.

The production will be brought back during the Easter season. For more information on Conference Center Theater events, see the official Church web site at www.lds.org, or call 801-240-0080.

Savior of the World was the first production to take the stage at the new Conference Center Theater. The musical drama focused on the birth and resurrection of Jesus Christ, as told by those who knew Him. (Photography by John Luke.)

Elisabeth and Mary rejoice in the forthcoming births of their sons. (Photography by John Luke.)