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“Comment,” Ensign, Feb. 2001, 80



The June 1999 issue was a masterpiece—an heirloom and a necessity for any library. “Preparing for the Restoration” and its marvelous illustrations are invaluable.

Judith Jardine
Moscow, Russia

Longing to Be a Mother

Thank you for the wonderful article “I Longed to Be a Mother” (Aug. 2000). My husband and I have also struggled with infertility for several years. Like the author, I have struggled with despair, anger, and maintaining self-worth.

My change of heart came on a day when I was crying after learning once again that I was not pregnant. My husband said to me, “You cannot continue to do this to yourself month after month. Having a baby is not going to automatically make you happy.”

At first I was upset, but soon I realized that what he said was true. I had to find happiness within myself, to make the decision to be happy no matter what trials I was experiencing.

We haven’t yet found the answer, but I do have peace in my heart.

Sara Gardner
Arlington, Texas