The Gathering
October 2000

“The Gathering,” Ensign, Oct. 2000, 7

The Gathering

“The noise of the multitude in the
mountains like as of a great people,
a tumultuous noise of the kingdoms
of nations gathered together, the
Lord of Hosts mustereth the hosts
of the battle” (2 Ne. 23:4).

What a sunrise day!

Diffusion of the gray.

Grand unconfused

gathering now due

for royal review.

They come,

holding high every banner

and soaring color of experience,

all pushing for

the apex.

They come,

unfurling finally highest hopes,

waving widely all known noble dreams.

Such gung-ho intent so

gustily shown!

Last dust of old

allegiances is blown

easily away

in bracing,

staying breeze

of truth.