Making the Most of This Issue
October 2000

“Making the Most of This Issue,” Ensign, Oct. 2000, 80

Making the Most of This Issue

October 2000

For Personal Scripture Study

We may think it’s easy to spot pride in others, but do we see it in ourselves? Turn to p. 48 and learn to use the “mirror” of the Book of Mormon to see your own reflection.

Helps for Your Calling

  • When stake Relief Society president Maxine Pew visits new converts, she brings them a picture of the new Houston Texas Temple and says, “You can go there now. You can do baptisms for the dead there.” For ideas on how leaders can encourage members to enjoy the blessings of the temple, see p. 23.

  • Looking for effective ways to do missionary work? See p. 28 to learn how Huntsville, Alabama, members are having success with family home evening open houses and Tell Me about Your Family cards.

Strengthening Marriages

“Falling in love” can happen easily, but staying in love is a choice. The Lord “teaches us that love is something more than feelings of the heart, it is also a covenant we keep with soul and mind,” says Elder Lynn G. Robbins of the Seventy. For ideas on how to keep the romance alive in your marriage, see “Agency and Love in Marriage,” p. 16.

Family Home Evening

  • Most stories from Latter-day Saint Voices can be used for family night. If you want to center a family home evening on the importance of not judging by appearance, read and discuss “Had I Misjudged?” p. 66.

  • Begin a family discussion about following the Savior by reading “‘I’m Trying to Be like Jesus,’” p. 66.

  • For a game that teaches your family emergency preparedness, see p. 70.

Parenting Tips

Despite your best efforts, do your children sometimes argue and have trouble getting along? Learn how one parent successfully handled the problem in “‘Please Treat My Son with Kindness,’” p. 65.

Have You Lost a Loved One?

Most everyone experiences the loss of someone they love. Learn where one member found strength after the unexpected death of her husband. See p. 55.

Home Teachers and Visiting Teachers

Find the monthly messages on p. 2 and p. 72.