Church Magazines on CD-ROM
October 2000

“Church Magazines on CD-ROM,” Ensign, Oct. 2000, 80

Church Magazines on CD-ROM

A CD-ROM version of 30 years of Ensign, New Era, and Friend will be available sometime in October. The database has been available on the Internet since July, on the Church’s Web site at www.lds.org.

The compact disc version allows members to use the database without connecting to the Internet. The CD version also allows users to customize their study with bookmarks, study notes, and highlighting. Called LDS Church Magazines: 1971–99 (item no. 50000), the CD will be available at Church distribution centers.

Did You Know?

The database of 30 years of Church magazines, from 1971 to 1999, is now available on the Church Web site, where you can also find the monthly First Presidency and Visiting Teaching messages. For these and other new features, visit www.lds.org.