Planning Meaningful Mutual Activities

    “Planning Meaningful Mutual Activities,” Ensign, Sept. 2000, 70

    Planning Meaningful Mutual Activities

    Young Women leaders have the opportunity to help young women use their talents to serve others. This service will help them prepare for the roles of wife and mother.

    One way to make Mutual meaningful is to reinforce Sunday lessons on Mutual night. For example, you could reinforce a lesson on the art of homemaking by teaching a specific homemaking skill during Mutual.

    If possible, Mutual should be held at the same time and on the same day each week. To use time most effectively, Mutual could be divided into two or three parts. Consider the following suggested plan:

    Part 1: opening exercises. Young women and young men gather to build unity, share talents, develop a sense of belonging, learn leadership skills, and feel the Spirit of the Lord.

    Part 2: class or group activity. Activities could focus on principles taught in Sunday lessons, service, Personal Progress, or developing talents and skills.

    Part 3 (optional): practice or social activity. On occasion, young women could reassemble as a group or with the young men to rehearse for a special event, participate in sports, or enjoy a social activity.

    Keep in mind that Mutual is a valuable means for retaining and reactivating youth. Mutual helps all young women feel their leaders’ love and the Lord’s Spirit.

    Suggested Mutual Planning Worksheet

    Date this Mutual night will be held: _______________________________________

    Opening exercises

    Presiding: ___________________________________________________________

    Conducting: _________________________________________________________

    1. Opening hymn: ____________________________________________________

    2. Opening prayer: ____________________________________________________

    3. Music (musical numbers, new song practice, and so on): _____________________

    4. Talk(s): __________________________________________________________

    Class or group activity




    Practice or social activity (optional)