Home, Family, and Personal Enrichment Meetings

    “Home, Family, and Personal Enrichment Meetings,” Ensign, Sept. 2000, 70

    Home, Family, and Personal Enrichment Meetings

    The work that women do in their homes and with their family members is vital. Whether young or old, single or married, women strengthen homes, families, and communities in significant ways. To help sisters make their unique contributions, Home, Family, and Personal Enrichment meeting was implemented last January.

    The focus of these meetings is to help sisters build spiritual strength, develop personal skills, strengthen the home and family, and serve others, while developing bonds of sisterhood. We are pleased as sisters from around the world tell us of the growth and enrichment they have experienced from this new focus. And for many ward and branch leaders, the change has provided an opportunity to evaluate what has been done in the past and determine ways to encourage and inspire sisters in the future.

    As these changes are implemented, it is a good time for each of us to ask: Am I learning to love my Relief Society sisters? Am I thinking of ways I can help them? Am I supporting and sustaining my leaders? Do I attend my meetings in a spirit of love and learning so I can glean the most from what has been planned? How can I participate and contribute more?

    As the Church moves forward, we sisters need to move with it. We need to make sure the challenges of living in the world will not keep us from what matters most. Home, Family, and Personal Enrichment meetings will help us focus our efforts. They will help us become better disciples of Jesus Christ.

    Photo by Steve Bunderson