Scriptures, Magazines, Other Materials Now On-line

    “Scriptures, Magazines, Other Materials Now On-line,” Ensign, Sept. 2000, 74

    Scriptures, Magazines, Other Materials Now On-line

    The Church’s scriptures and 30 years of Church magazines are now available on the Church Web site at www.lds.org. Issues of the Ensign, New Era, and Friend magazines are available from their inception in 1971, and English issues of the Liahona—the Church’s international magazine—are available from its beginning in 1977. In the future, language versions of the Liahona will also be available on-line. New issues of these magazines will be added to the database 90 days after their publication date, although the First Presidency and Visiting Teaching Messages will continue to be available on-line upon publication each month.

    Users can search this magazine database in many ways, including by subject, author, title, artist, phrase, and scripture reference.

    • Written and audio versions of general conference are available on the Web site. Audio versions are available in many languages. At general conference time members may also go to the Web site to listen to conference live in those languages.

    • All the Church’s scriptures and all curriculum materials for the current year are now available on the site. The standard scriptures are available in written and audio form.

    • Information is provided on some 100 Church historic sites, visitors’ centers, and pageants; also included is news of the Church through multimedia resources, including photos and recorded interviews. There will be format adjustments on the Internet versions to accommodate an increasing volume of content.