August 1998

“Comment,” Ensign, Aug. 1998, 80


Husband and Wife Team

Thank you for “Putting Our Marriage Back Together” (April 1998). The insights into keeping Mother at home with the children are very helpful. Others in similar situations can understand that the path they have chosen together with Heavenly Father’s help is right for them.

When I went to work full time to get my husband through school, we took many things into consideration. Classes and work had begun to conflict, making it almost impossible to finish his degree. We felt it would be better for me to work for 2 years now rather than working for 10 or 15 years to help pay off a student loan.

Our goal is to get Mom home as soon as possible, with as little debt as possible. We realize that the way we have chosen may not be right for another family. It takes careful consideration of the family’s needs. Through prayer and personal revelation, we can receive the guidance we need for our own families.

Jennifer R. Decker
Logan, Utah

Thanks for “Behold Thy Mother”

I have just read the April 1998 issue and had to write concerning the superb article “Behold Thy Mother” by President Thomas S. Monson. Having been without my mother since 10 months of age, the article caught my eye and I read it with eagerness. The youngest of six girls, I was raised by my oldest sister. The joy I received from that article is beyond description. It provided peace and comfort after many years of feeling sorry for myself for not knowing my mother.

Pinkie Ratliff
Rolla, Missouri

First-Time Reader

I guess you could call me a first-time reader. I always thought that I was too young. One night I picked up the January 1998 Ensign, and I read it from cover to cover. I really grew to know Adam, Noah, and Enoch. I felt as if they were sitting there telling me of their lives. The Spirit was strong, and I grew to love these men. Thank you!

Jeni Bybee
Boise, Idaho