Blessed for Trying
August 1998

“Blessed for Trying,” Ensign, Aug. 1998, 60

Blessed for Trying

The news that my pregnancy was ending with a miscarriage came as a great disappointment to my husband and me. Even though we had three wonderful boys, we had always wanted a larger family and had been trying for some time to have another child. Because I was well into my 30s, I wondered if this had been my last opportunity to bring another child into the world. It was sad to think there was nothing we could do to avert our imminent loss.

This is one experience that no one can help me with or comfort me through, I recall thinking that day in the doctor’s office. A great sense of defeat weighed heavily on me, and I prayed, Heavenly Father, give me courage to get through this day. I lowered my head as tears came to my eyes. Then, in the midst of my sadness these peaceful words filled my mind and heart: “Heavenly Father is pleased that you tried.”

I somehow made it through the expected events of the day. It wasn’t until several days later, however, that the full meaning of my earlier experience came to my understanding. One particularly difficult morning I felt tears close to the surface when, again, I was impressed with the thought that Heavenly Father was pleased that we’d tried to have another child. My tears of sadness suddenly seemed transformed to tears of joy, for Heavenly Father was pleased—pleased that we desired to have more children come to our home. He was mindful of our deepest desires.

The joy I experienced in this knowledge is one of the sweetest blessings I have ever known. To me it was a wonderful reminder of Heavenly Father’s loving concern for us as well as of the peace and understanding he can bless us with during our trials.

  • Christa M. Marsee serves as Relief Society president in the Redmond Second Ward, Redmond Washington Stake.