Dating at Home
August 1998

“Dating at Home,” Ensign, Aug. 1998, 57

Dating at Home

In Malaysia, the idea of dating one’s spouse after marriage is almost unheard of. My husband and I first learned about this idea from books and magazines and from the many American Church members who lived in our branch. When we heard of the good that can come to a couple who continue to court each other after marriage, we decided to try this “foreign” idea.

In the beginning it was easy for us to spend an evening together because we had no children to worry about. However, when our children began to come one after another, we had to devise new ways to date each other. Because finding a night-time baby-sitter is difficult, we have had many dates at home after the children are in bed. These home dates are in no way inferior to those we occasionally have outside the home.

We have found a number of activities we enjoy doing together. Sometimes we watch a videocassette while munching snacks and sipping soft drinks, just as we would at the movies. Other nights we play computer or board games. Our evenings spent in these activities always end with laughter.

One regular activity is to put together our family photographs on a large poster. Later we send the finished poster for framing and hang it on our stairway wall. We now have quite a few posters, so we rotate them from time to time. Evenings spent making posters are not only fruitful but also bring warm and sentimental feelings to our hearts.

One Valentine’s Day I prepared a candlelit dinner for two. With soft music in the background, the atmosphere was truly romantic.

Our list of activities for home dates continues to grow. We have found that dating each other is about finding ways to spend time together and about taking time to build and nourish each other. When days are difficult and challenging, I look forward to our home dates when we can just spend time together talking. Dating each other regularly puts romance back into our marriage. My husband and I have found this “foreign” idea to be of great help in learning to build a good marriage.

  • Geok Lee Thong serves as Young Women president in the Kuala Lumpur Branch, Singapore Mission.

Illustrated by Allen Garns