Our Family Mission Fund Project
July 1998

“Our Family Mission Fund Project,” Ensign, July 1998, 73

Our Family Mission Fund Project

Finding a way to help support a missionary can often tax a family’s resources, so we were impressed when our friends, by working together as a family, were able to support their son on his mission. Because their household income was limited, the parents decided to take over their son’s janitorial job cleaning a bank each evening to earn the extra money for his mission. When their other children found out, they also wanted to help.

“All became involved,” said the mother. “Our children have always been concerned with each other, and when this opportunity came along, they wanted to be part of it.” Checking their various schedules, family members arranged times to meet each week night to do the cleaning.

Some months later, the father stood during fast and testimony meeting to share his feelings. “Because I know how busy my family is, sometimes I try to slip away and go alone to clean,” he said. “But the children get upset with me. Contributing to their brother’s mission is important to them. As we have shared this task, it has brought our family closer together.”—Carolyn C. Williams, Redlands, California

Illustrated by Beth M. Whittaker