Floods, Tornadoes Affect Members
July 1998

“Floods, Tornadoes Affect Members,” Ensign, July 1998, 80

Floods, Tornadoes Affect Members

Floods along the Paraná and Uruguay Rivers in northern Argentina and western Uruguay at the end of April resulted in the evacuation of 80,000 people from their homes, including 378 Church members. Several Church meetinghouses were used to house members and others who were evacuated. The Church provided tents, food, mattresses, and water. Local Church leaders organized members to collect food and clothing for flood victims. A shipment of 60,000 pounds of clothing and powdered milk was sent to Argentina from Salt Lake City.

In mid-April, heavy rains caused what was considered the worst flooding in over 60 years in central England. One member family experienced slight flooding in their apartment. Local Church leaders and members provided towels and blankets, and a Church meetinghouse was used for shelter. Members helped sort clothing donated by the Salvation Army for use by flood victims.

A storm system with high winds, rain, hail, and tornadoes hit Alabama on 8 April and quickly spread to Mississippi and Georgia. The property of about 20 members was damaged. The Church teamed up with several humanitarian organizations and local government agencies to help victims of the storm. Local leaders offered a meetinghouse for use to a Baptist congregation whose building had been destroyed.

About a week later, several tornadoes struck parts of central Tennessee. Trees and power lines were downed, and one tornado that hit downtown Nashville damaged more than 300 buildings, including the state capitol. Roofs of two member homes and of one Church meetinghouse were damaged.