Golden Years of Service
July 1997

“Golden Years of Service,” Ensign, July 1997, 66–67

Golden Years of Service

I have heard many of my friends say that “the golden years” are not so golden. But I have found in my own life that there is much I can do to make my autumn years golden.

I have served in my Church callings and done temple work for my ancestors. I have also developed my talents. The first year I retired, I crocheted afghans for my eight children’s families. I recently took up oil painting, and half a dozen of my paintings now hang on the walls of my home. Drawing was my worst subject in school, but I have now mastered it somewhat.

A dear friend of mine, a professional dressmaker, has used her golden years to help me and others remodel clothing and make costumes. She also blesses the lives of many people in her ward by sharing her cookies, cakes, and soups. A professional musician I know who is over 80 is teaching some ward members to play the organ—for the love of service.

I have enjoyed traveling all my life. On my 67th birthday I climbed a hill overlooking the Magellan Straits—the roughest water in the world—and had my picture taken. I have also written articles, poetry, and books. We can all write journals and family histories and keep scrapbooks. Even when our physical energy must be conserved, we can read, and we can enjoy the world of nature by studying birds, insects, wildflowers, and trees. Our golden years truly can be golden if we interact with family and friends and continue to serve God, maker of all great and wonderful creations.—Caroline Eyring Miner, Pleasant Grove, Utah