Making the Most of Life
July 1997

“Making the Most of Life,” Ensign, July 1997, 70

Making the Most of Life

Just 30 minutes after Lea Rosser was interviewed by the mayor and shire councilors of Auburn, New South Wales, Australia, she received an offer for a job as general manager of the Auburn Shire Council.

Sister Rosser’s new job is noteworthy because she is probably the first Church member in New South Wales to serve in such a senior local government position and because she is one of only five female general managers among the 177 local government authorities in New South Wales. Sister Rosser’s new position involves heavy civic government responsibility for the 2000 Olympic Games. The Auburn Shire Council has within its boundaries the suburb of Homebush, principal location of the Olympics.

“Even if women don’t have the opportunity to marry and rear children, they can still make the most of their lives,” Sister Rosser says. “Because of my present career position, some may assume that I’ve made the choice not to marry. If they did, they’d be wrong.”

While working full-time, Sister Rosser earned two bachelor’s degrees in librarianship, business, and government administration. She worked at the Parramatta library for 12 years and was later employed by several local government councils. She recently completed her MBA thesis.

Sister Rosser serves as Young Women president in the Sydney Australia Greenwich Stake.—Alan Wakeley, Cherrybrook, New South Wales, Australia