July 1997

“Tribute,” Ensign, July 1997, 44


Out of my people’s weeping,

Out of their desperate need,

Out of my people’s keeping

Faith with their Christlike creed,

Blossomed the barren desert,

Haven of peace and rest,

High in the mountain fastness,

Empire of the west.

Out of my people’s sorrow,

Out of their pain and grief,

Triumphs a bright tomorrow,

Born of their great belief.7

Entering the Presidio

Entering the Presidio, 1846, by Howard Post of Gilbert, Arizona, 1996, painting. Purchase Award. “This painting commemorates the arrival in 1846 of the Mormon Battalion in frontier Tucson, Arizona.”

Midwife: Thy Path Her Chosen Way

Midwife: Thy Path Her Chosen Way, by Crystal Haueter of Fair Oaks, California, 1996, painting. Purchase Award. “There are today and throughout the history of the Church countless stories of women with quiet strength—daughters of our Heavenly Father who have selflessly paved the way for future generations.”

Brigham Young, 1847

Brigham Young, 1847, by Robert Keiser of Omaha, Nebraska, 1996, sculpture. “My statue represents Brigham Young as he appeared in a photograph about the time the first wagon train departed from Winter Quarters to the Salt Lake Valley in 1847.”

Along the Trail, Southern Wyoming

Along the Trail, Southern Wyoming, by Walter Rane of Salem, Oregon, 1996, painting, Purchase Award. “This view of the arid land along the Mormon Trail in Wyoming Territory has its own attraction and beauty.”

The Women’s Pull

The Women’s Pull, by Matthew Ivan Cherry of Park Forest, Illinois, 1996, painting. “Inspiration for this painting came from an actual handcart trek that my wife participated in. She learned of the great faith our early pioneers had as they sought a promised land, and she gained charity for her family members.”

Big Brother Leads the Way

Big Brother Leads the Way, by Ann Croft of Meridian, Idaho, 1996, painting. “My work depicts three of the Caminero children from the Dominican Republic. The boy getting baptized is the first child born in the covenant to be baptized there.”

Contemplating Moroni’s Promise

Contemplating Moroni’s Promise, by John Andelin of Williston, North Dakota, 1996, wood carving, Award of Merit. “This wood carving depicts a Russian laborer pondering the scripture inviting people to read and ponder the words from the Book of Mormon (see Moro. 10:4–5).”


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Left: “Fresh Courage Take,” by David Greenall of Kearns, Utah, 1996, photograph. “Part of life is the fact that we may encounter pioneerlike trials. The key is to have pioneerlike faith.”